Mortar is an infantry weapon commonly used by any army from any country since it is simple, light and effective. Targets located up to 7 km can be beaten with mortars. Nevertheless, it has been hardly modified since it was designed. Thus, no new technologies on communications and sensors have been integrated yet

NTGS offers the ALAKRAN system, a solution consisting of a mortar system mounted in a pick up vehicle. Once the shooting location has been reached, the mortar is deployed on the ground by means of a hydraulic system. Then, the mortar is ready to be fired. It is obvious this system offers a faster and more effective shooting. When it is necessary to leave, the vehicle lifts up the mortar and put it back inside. The great advantage in comparison with the traditional weapon is deploying and withdrawing the mortar system takes just few seconds.

It is available both integrated in the vehicle or it can be integrated in any vehicle, after some engineering adaptations NTGS will carry out.

The complete system also includes the AUTOMATIC AIMING SYSTEM